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Grow light LED-bar adapter No.1 23W 85cm

Grow light LED-bar adapter No.1 23W 85cm

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Cultivate indoors all year long with our energy-efficient Grow light LED-bar adapter No.1 23W 85cm.

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Keep your plants healthy even during the colder months of the year with our Grow Light LED bar! It comes with an adapter and can be connected to an additional grow light, such as Grow light LED-bar No.2 23W 85cm. 

The light bar is energy-efficient, easy to use and will allow you to enjoy fresh greens all year long. It helps you to grow herbs and vegetables at scale by providing them with enough light, all year round. It is also a perfect solution if you want to pre-cultivate your seeds indoors before transplanting them outside. 


Lumens: 2200

PPFD (100 mm) 141 µmol/s/m²


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