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Plugs, 14pcs

Plugs, 14pcs

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These 14 plant plugs are great for pre-cultivation of small- and medium-sized seeds and can be used in hydroponic systems as well as in regular pots.

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14 plugs for pre-cultivating small to medium-sized seeds in. These plugs are easy to replant in bigger pots and can also be used in hydroponic systems. They are made of compostable coco coir, peat and nutrients. Just add water and seeds of your choice!

Coco coir, peat, mineral fertiliser

How to get started:

  1. Prepare your Harvy grow box (or any hydroponic system of choice) with water and nutrition
  2. Add seeds of your choice to the plugs
  3. Place the plugs in the plastic net pots 
  4. Lower the net pots into the openings of the hydroponic system
  5. Wait patiently for 3 weeks and watch as your plants start to grow! 

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