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It all starts with a seed! The very first seed bag from Nelson Garden was packed by the founder Georg Nilson at home, on the kitchen sofa, in the small village of Belganet as early as 1933.

Since then we have carefully selected our seeds to suit all cultivators, regardless of growing outdoors or indoors, during all months of the year. Even today, our much-appreciated seed varieties from 1933 remain, but over the years they have been accompanied by even more varieties of flowers, vegetables and herbs. Whatever you choose to grow, each seed is a wonderful experience. Witness the amazing process from seed to perfectly grown plants, and then be able to harvest homegrown vegetables, flowers and spices. Imagine having some homegrown, sun-ripened tomatoes for a snack – yummy!

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Cherry tomato

Easy to grow and gives an abundant harvest.

6,09 zł

Mini cucumber

Delicious, crispy and smooth-skinned mini cucumber.

13,19 zł

Mini cucumber

Suitable for cultivation in greenhouses or warm outdoor areas.

16,19 zł

Sweet pepper

Beautiful purple variety that is perfect for growing in pots.

16,19 zł

Curly kale

Easy-grown, vitamin rich, and low growing kale variety.

4,09 zł


Easy-to-grow courgette with green skin and large leaves.

9,59 zł

Chili pepper

Spice up any dish with these hot peppers that can be eaten fresh or dried.

9,59 zł


This climbing zucchini variety is both beautiful and very easy to harvest.

16,19 zł

Zucchini, Latino F1

This zucchini variety is beautiful, easy to grow and tastes great.

16,19 zł

Chili Pepper

Chili peppers are versatile and great to have at hand when cooking.

13,19 zł


A sweet and aromatic herb that goes well with meat and potato dishes.

9,59 zł

Spring onion

Mild, delicate taste that can be enjoyed in salads, soups and as garnish.

9,59 zł

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